We are happy to present you our collections, that have meaningful stories behind.

All candles are hand crafted. 


Onyx is one of the most beautiful and hypnotizing stone, that was very famous in ancient legends for its magic properties. Legend has it that in King Solomon’s temple walls were made from onyx. This tample had no windows, because texture of the stone allowed to let the light through.


You also can enjoy onyx light - just burn the candle from our collection and see how soft glow will fulfill your space.


It is believed that onyx attracts luck, strengthens the spirit and aligns the emotional state. 


In ancient Greece marble was associated with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Aphrodite temples were created with marble and it was believed to grant durability of eternal love, to help strengthen family happiness and loyalty and to attract harmony and love.


Also marble properties are perfect for healing the body and mind, relieving stress, fear, insomnia.


In our collection we use only high quality Italian marble Carrara and Nero Marquina.


Wick trimmer is a long scissors made for convenient cutting of the burnt wick. In order to avoid black smoke, it is extremely important to cut the wick before each next candlestick burning. The optimal length of the wick is aproximately 7mm.


Elegant Aroma Aura trimmers are available in three colors to match your candles: silver, copper and gold.


You can use soy melt hearts as scented sachets for drawer and closet or simply put them in a hot bath.


To create pleasant atmosphere in the room put 1-2 hearts into aroma lamp (no water needed) and burn tea-light candle in the lamp as usual.  


After soy melts you don’t have to clean your lamp and moreover it burns two times longer than just water with essential oils. As extra benefit after burning the melts you may try to dip your finger in melted wax and moisturize your hands or elbows. Essential oils with soy wax has a great affect on dry skin.


Soy melted hearts come in a branded cotton bag with 7 soy hearts inside.


Glass refills are produced for onyx and marble collections to let you enjoy different candles’ scents and to change candles’ design according your space and mood. 

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