We take a simple approach to wellbeing, trusting in the natural goodness of the organic products we use.

This is the practice of aromatherapy, a ritual of deep religious and historical significance believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. Powerful aromas could raise the mood of the Egyptian people or calm them completely. Ever since, the burning of oils, candles and scented aromas has been one of the great natural gifts to mankind.  

Aroma Aura candles bring all the elements of nature to your home. The natural stone homes represent the earth. The essential oils purify the air. The crackling wooden wick brings fire. Condensation appears as the soy wax melts, and this water can be applied to your skin as a moisturizer. And the metal lids owe much to nature.


Light an Aroma Aura candle and feel the essential oils slowly coaxing the tension from your muscles as a sense of contented inner wellbeing grows within you.

Unlike petrochemical candles, our all-natural product can be burned in 100% safety day and night. In fact, the essential oils will help you find states of deep relaxation and the quality natural ingredients mean that the welcoming scent is retained throughout the candle’s lifetime, while the wax melts evenly, never congealing around the wick.