Have you ever thought what candles are made of? In fact candles- it is not just a glowing flame but something we inhale. Since I am concerned about healthy life style and environment, I started to learn about candles production.


I did a great market research and the result impressed me: most of the  candles were paraffin based and all of them - fragranced. Would you like to breath with petroleum products with synthetic fragrances? I would rather prefer natural soy wax and essential oils. 


That is how I got the idea to create 100% natural candles, so I could be sure about quality.

In the beginning I was making simple candles in glass jar for friends and family, but later I thought how wonderful would be to create something luxurious and unique, connecting all the elements: soy wax blended with essential oils and poured into real stone jar, completed with a soothing crackle of wooden wick.


Searching the world over to find the best materials and suppliers we created Onyx Collection and Marble Collection that have been received really well by our customers. Every stone has its own unique pattern, moreover onyx jar allows the light through while candle burning... Magnificent experience!

Creating Aroma Aura candles is something really special for me. 


We are truly passionate about what we do and we give all our hearts and attention to create soulful flame to light your space. 


I invite you to discover the world of  fine aroma and luxury scented candles together with Aroma Aura.

Yours sincerely,

Anna Antonova